It's not you!

Великолепна песен! Зарибяващ текст, готино звучене. Добра група със страхотна вокалистка.

Накратко - Halestorm ~ It's not You

I'm in love with somebody
Found someone who completes me
I'm in love with somebody , oh yeah
And it's not you

Read my finger whatcha gonna do?
See these lips are all done talkin' to you
I don't mean to bruise your ego
But I've had you nailed down for so long
And I don't see your name on my tattoo
Hope you understand
It's been a long time coming
It's for the best
No offense


I know who you think you are
Sorry I've turned you on but I'm kissing you off
Your lines are whiskey and cigarettes
They're not enough to make me forget
I've got someone who has raised the bar
I've heard it all before
Stop spinning your wheels
I'll show you the door
No hard feelings


You're probably never been shut down before.
I'll try and make it easier


It's not you.


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