Just do it!

Do not expect! Don’t hope, don’t think, don’t dream. Don’t even pray! Just do what you wanted to do and wait without thinking. It will either happen or not. Keep walking. Keep living your life and don’t care. Don’t look back even for a second – it might hurt.

In the moment which you got hope in you are fucked up. Your mind has already built an empire behind a single drop of hope which can disappear in a second. A word, a look – it’s enough. It’s enough to destroy you… almost. It depends on how tough you are. It’s never enough.

The time has come. What time? The time to stop asking yourself who’s calling and hoping it’s her and just see on the cell screen. It never was a habit, but a necessity. Necessity of love. It is definitely hard to take it out of your heart, but you should. When you succeed and don’t need love anymore you will be the happiest person, but you will be human no more.


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